Top Priorities

  • Reduce our tax burden (success! (down 35%)
  • Continue to monitor our tax burden
  • Protect city's unique character (as best we can)
  • Improve accessibility to local parks, rivers, and lakes
  • Protect property rights
  • Encourage community involvement in future planning


I would like to see a significantly diverse housing density within our city.

We should have a thoughtful plan for the future that preserves / enhances our natural, open community.


My basic philosophy is that individuals are the best qualified to know what's best for them. Government is necessary but it needs to know when to fix a community problem and when to get out of the way. It's easy for officials to dismiss resident's concerns (because they know better, right?)... But what should happen is a discussion of what is factual and relevant… and what is not. I believe the city is here to work for the residents, not the other way around.

Council Goals

  • Work to keep the city focused on matters that citizens expect them to be responsible for.
  • Help promote resident involvement with future city plans.
  • Attend city functions and make myself available to all our citizens.
  • Help ensure property rights and individual freedoms.

Why vote for me?

I have been advocating for the concerns facing Dayton for many years. I understand the history/dynamics of the city, as I have lived in 3 different areas of it over the last 45 years, and have seen how council decisions can significantly impact residents. Our city is suffering from growing pains and I believe I would be a good advocate for our citizens

I am analytical in my thinking and have spent the last 20 years working as an engineer for Medtronic, where I am paid to create value-added solutions to a range of issues. I believe that my ability to analyze problems and come up with multiple solutions (at work and home) is useful in finding constructive ways to deal with matters the city is facing.


The clan! (Missing our youngest)