Feb 22, 2022 Council Meeting

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Item K (Scannell Commercial TIF)

Oh look. More TIF. But, I've previously discussed this property many times. If you want to understand TIF go to my web site or call me 🙂

This property has a long, ugly story behind it and this finally puts it to bed. The bottom line is, the family that owned this property (whom our city was NOT very nice to) is finally able to sell their property. The amount that I believe was improperly taken from this family by the city is about what the city loses in taxes for this TIF, so it'll be a wash for the city. And, without the TIF this project wasn't going to happen. The TIF resolution passed unanimously.

Item L (Lee property concept)

Since around 2014 the city's comp plan has had what I consider to be a very strange configuration of planned major roads in the south central area. The configuration is Dayton Parkway going north east connecting to the top of Fernbrook (at the curve) and Zanzibar going south east connecting to the southern part (just at 113th) of Fernbrook. So, this is basically a large X with the intersection just north of 117th. This means 2 major roads which will run at a 45 degree angle to everything in the area. While this is in the comp plan, many of the council and planning commission members I've spoke to about it didn't like or understand why it's there. And my guess is, they thought it would get hammered out long before any development showed up. Well, apparently this development has been in the works for over a year and, if approved, will force the roads to remain in this configuration. I got the impression the planning commission wasn't at all impressed with the road layout and one member was very clear about it. I do not like it and suggested we meet with the planning commission to make a final decision on the road layout.

In addition, though the council had thought we had increased the side setbacks in all the zoning, somehow the R3 zoning got missed. It was frustrating to find that out since I (and others) had made it clear we wanted all developments to have increased spacing. This development also had the same density we made clear we wanted to reduce.

This was a concept plan so there was no voting, only opinions.

Item M (Heritage Day City Participation)

City staff has for years been involved in helping with Heritage Days. Due to legal issues a few years back involving an elected official, the Dayton Lions took over control of the festival. While the past few years have been a mess and didn't allow for a lot of planning, last years event downtown was very successful. And to piggyback on that last year, the city's activities director scheduled one of her Stephen's Park movies the night before and the Lions added some bouncy houses, fireworks, and a band after the fireworks. That event was also very successful... until the fireworks were done. Then everybody went home and almost nobody stayed for the band. A lesson learned.

The Lions decided that it might be beneficial all around to have the Activities director be involved again, which resulted in her putting this collection of information together. While many cities fully implement a celebration, we don't. But, as with other community activities, the city does cover the cost of extra policing and other miscellaneous costs.

Item N (Park Improvement Projects)

This item was basically giving an over view of improvements being made to Donahue Dells, Hayden Hills, and Stephen's parks. Once bidding requirements are completed, we'll get estimates on them and then we'll send them out for bids.

Keep in mind, these improvements are paid from Park and Trail funds, not taxes. Park and Trail funds come from every new residential and commercial development that is built in Dayton. That doesn't mean we should waste the money but these funds have to be used on parks and trails by law.

I'm always amazed at the ease of which these expenditures explode, but I'm hoping that the council previewing the estimates will allow us to catch some of the more ridiculous costs.

Item O (Goals continued)

This was pretty much settled at the last meeting. The list is laid out on the last page of the agenda, but my focus will remain on lowering our taxes more towards a sane level and getting control of our residential development.

As always, contact me for any concerns, comments, or suggestions.