Feb 28, 2023 Council Meeting

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Item F (Update From Commissioner Kevin Anderson)

Commissioner Anderson came in to give an update to some of what he's been doing as our commissioner.

Unfortunately, what we need isn't what they seem to be focusing on. What we need is a focus on county roads within our city. Specifically 81 and the River Road (12). We have a couple intersections that are simply unsafe (north diamond&12, Pineview&12, and Territorial&81. County road 12 is also in serious need of a rebuild. Every time I get a chance to talk to the commissioner, I mention these items. The county has been notorious for it's lack of dealing with these things and I'm not sure how that gets resolved. I was hopeful that a new commissioner would help but so far I haven't seen much movement. Dayton city staff met with Rogers, Maple Grove, and county staff to discuss 81 and everyone is eager to get some improvements into 81... except the county.

Item G (Transportation Amendment Update)

Yet another meeting regarding fixing our transportation plan... This one was to discuss a timeline to accomplish a plan submittal to the Met Council. The transportation plan change will, at a minimum, correct the X between 125th and 117th that I've mentioned many times in the past. I'm fairly certain there are 4 to 5 votes on the council to fix it, but it'll still take 7 or so months to make it official. This is with almost all of the council and planning commission in agreement. I'm not so hopeful there will be as much agreement when we tackle the land use plan changes that follow. There are some who believe the ONLY residential developments we should allow are those that put at least 2.5 homes on every acre.

Item H (Water Trail Presentation)

This was the culmination of the water trails study we funded last year. The proposed trail system at Goodin Park would be an amazing amenity. If you're curious as to what's being proposed, take a look at the agenda packet. While I was leery of putting that much ($50k?) of our park money into it, I was convinced to vote for it based on the likelihood the study results would be a catalyst for significant funding (grants) to implement it. The study shows we would need approximately $3.5 to implement the plan.

Item I (Bids for Zanzibar)

South Zanzibar is apparently going to get paved. I've discussed this in the past. I think we should put it off until (at least) we get our road study done this summer. That study is going to tell us where we will need paving dollars in the next 3 years and how many of those dollars we'll need. Paving Zanzibar is now projected to cost $1.6M. While some of our residents will use that path, my issue with it isn't just the fact we'd be jumping ahead of the study. I'm also worried we'll create a significant short cut for Elk River and Otsego residents to add even more traffic to Fernbrook.

Yes... dirt roads make vehicles dirty. Yes, they need more maintenance. But, at what point is it worth the $1.6M? By the way, that averages out to roughly $400 from each and every home in Dayton. If you were asked (even those that would use it), would you write out that check?

The thinking of those that want it now is, we will pave it in the future anyway... then rebuild it when the Parkway connects up to it. My problem with that is, roads have a typical lifespan of 20 years. I will be very surprised if we connect the Parkway within those 20 years. That means we'll be rebuilding it before the Parkway connects.

The vote was to approve this to go out for bids (which will very likely result in it getting paved) by 3-2 with member Salonek and I voting against it.

Feel free to contact me with questions / concerns !