July 11, 2023 Council Meeting and Work Session

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Current Events

  • If you or people in your area want to meet with me and discuss any topics on your mind, I am willing to find a time that works.
  • The Dayton Lions are planning a Music activity this fall, Sat Sept 9th in Central park. The band is XPEDITION. They're a Journey, Foreigner, Kansas, and Styx cover band. You can check them out HERE. Contact me if you have questions!
  • Heritage days is planned for Sept 15-16 at Stephen's Park and the Old Village. The Lions and Dayton Community Foundation (DCF) is putting this on and the city will be a sponsor.

Work Session (Long Term Plan)

Every year the council and staff update the long term plan for capital purchases over the next 10 years (realistically it's 3). This was the initial meeting to get it started. Initial discussions tend to include needs AND wants. It can be difficult to sort out which is which but needs are those things that we should get into the budget and wants are those things that we might put in if the budget has the room.

If you're ever curious about what the city has for plans as far as equipment, buildings, or parks go, let me know and I can get you a copy.

Item H (Property Purchase by Three Rivers)

Back in 2019, the city needed land (1.25 acres) from Three Rivers to put in the roundabout on the south end of Pineview. It turns out the park valued that land at $110K. So the project I like to call the Dayton Omnibus Bill was more around $5.8M. Dayton payed $4.1M for it but the original estimate was $2M.

Item I (Three Rivers Park Agreement)

As part of the improvements being done on Elsie Stephens Park, the Three Rivers Park District (TRPD) was going to kick in approximately $300K to help pay for a trail across the south side of the park over the ravine. Unfortunately the engineering work showed that the cost was going to be about $250 over the estimate. Given that neither Dayton or TRPD wanted to pay that, the agreement was amended to remove the bridge from the short-term plans. TRPD did indicate they may support it in the future.

In case you weren't aware, this council has pushed for make that our premier park and has put a lot of Park (not tax payer) money into making this park much more usable to our residents.

At this point it's not likely that trail would have had much use since we now have a vehicle crossing and a pedestrian crossing on the north side of the park.

Item J (RFP for Legal Services) 

Periodically, municipalities will put out requests to get bids on various services. Sometimes the current provider comes in with the best bid and sometimes not. In this case it was for legal services and we'll be going with a new provider Campbell Knutson.

Item K (RFP for Recycling)

In this case, the current provider decided they didn't want to continue with the current contract which mandated the city to get bids. The current provider came back with the best price. Republic is the provider (they bought out Randy's).

Item L (Filtration Plant Bid)

For a few years now the city has been working on treating the water on the central system. We approved going forward when estimates were about $4M and the processed dragged on and on. Last fall the estimate was bumped to about $6M. Now it's $8M. The original timeline put it online by this fall but now it's looking like mid summer of next year. This item was to approve going out for bids we'll see what prices that brings in.

By the way, it's now being referred to as a filtration plant rather than a treatment plant. To me and a lot of residents I talk to, treatment implies much more than the filtering out of iron and manganese and that term has always caused confusion.

Feel free to contact me for any questions / suggestions you have.