July 12, 2022 Council Meeting

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It's rare, but this meeting was very short. Years back you'd occasionally see meetings get skipped due to a lack of issues. Not so much anymore.

Water update:

Early this week pump #4 (on the central system) failed. The pump was pulled and the problem determined. It sounds like repairs may take up to 3 weeks. That is why you now see the odd/even sprinkling restrictions.

Item I (Republic Recycling Services)

A few months back Randy's was purchased by Republic. Unfortunately that transition turned out to be a mess for many of Dayton residents. Republic came in to talk about the transition and some of the things they're working on to clean it up.

While I know there was a lot of missed pick ups throughout the city (including ours) I also realize that anytime routes change (school, garbage, recycling, etc.) things get missed, databases don't merge well, routes are new to the drivers... lots of things can happen. For me it was a change in the pickup date and time (it was changed to early in the morning). So over the past months I think we've gotten it out correctly about half the time. Republic claimed their missed pickups have gone from about 1.5% to 0.5% so things seem to be getting better.

2 things I learned from this:

  1. If you get missed (even if you didn't get it out in time) and call them, there's a good chance they'll be able to pick it up yet in the next day or so.
  2. If you don't have it out for the pickup, they take a picture for their records 🙂

If you continue to have issues, call Republic (not the city) to get it hammered out.

Item J (Park and Planning commission appointments)

Periodically, our commission's seats are up for appointment. Many times members will reapply but other residents can also apply for that seat.

For the Park commission there were 2 seats up and 2 applicants. That was an easy one.

For the Planning commission there was 1 seat up and 2 applicants. One of the applicants is currently on the commission and has a significant amount of experience. While it's nice to occasionally get fresh perspectives on our commissions, it was unanimously decided that we needed the continuity of that member to stay on the commission.


As always feel free to contact me for any questions / comments you may have!