June 08, 2021 Council Meeting Update

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The agenda was updated to add in a discussion of the resignation of member Okerlund and remove Item J (he requested the item).


Since member Okerlund had been recently elected, state statute requires us to have a special election. We are a city that has primaries, so more than 2 applicants will force us to have (and pay for) a primary. I'm not sure what the cost will be, but it's likely to be similar to a normal election. The general election will be Feb 08, 2022. If there are more than 2 people running, the primary will be Nov 02, 2021.

In the interim, the council unanimously appointed David Fashant. Dave came in 4th in the last election (out of 8) and has served the city on parks and public safety commissions.

I am not someone that likes to surround myself with people that will rubber stamp my opinions when it comes to running the city. I do believe Dave will be a thoughtful and independent 5th opinion for the residents.

Item F (EDA by-laws)

The EDA is currently comprised of 3 members of the business community and 2 council members (myself and member Gustafson). The EDA recently updated their by-laws to allow 2 more business members. I agreed with this change because it increases the number of business opinions in the group.

Item G (budget presentations)

This was an overview of what the various departments were thinking of regarding personal or equipment additions. Since the budget spending amount hasn't been set yet, there were no specifics covered.

Item H (ALRO concept review)

This is a concept plan for a roughly 200,000 square foot facility. The primary discussion here was where the proposed road along the south of the property needed to be. I believe most were in agreement that a buffer needed to be between the road and the Manufactured Home Park rather than north of the road. The projected traffic seems pretty low and it'll be during the day. Truck loading/unloading is done inside the facility.

Item I (purchasing policy)

The bulk of this was just getting our ordinance up to date with state statute and setting a few policies where statute doesn't prescribe things.

This did result in some disagreement. For a couple reasons I am very uncomfortable awarding large contracts to internal employees. It leaves bids open to manipulation. This resulted in this issue being undecided as member Salonek was of the same opinion. The policy will be discussed again and it might be that we come up with a way to mitigate concerns.

Item K (Park commission vacancy)

For those of you interested in our parks, you should consider joining the commission. There are two openings and it's a great way to participate in your government. It's also not a big time commitment. Contact me or city hall if you are interested!

Item L (Fee Schedule)

You have a golf cart you want to operate on city streets? The fee is now $30 for a 3 year permit. It's not limited to golf carts... it includes ATVs and utility trucks.

But... this only allows the vehicle on CITY streets (there are other limits spelled out on the permit). County or state roads do NOT allow it.

Item M (resignation of officer Ron Nagy)

Officer Nagy was a part time officer for the city and retired. I thank him for his service.