Apr 25, 2023 Council Meeting

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Local Board of Appeals and Localization

This was a continuance of the previous meeting in order to approve property value agreements made between property owners and the county.

Item E (Council Goals)

A little while back the council had a meeting to discuss the goals we had and their priorities. This was to affirm the list and priorities. The information is in the packet. As you probably already know my top goals are to keep our taxes going in the right direction (level or down) and find better ways to get control of our development build process. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Item F (Discussion on Heritage Days)

Heritage Days is managed by the Dayton Lions and the Dayton Community Foundation. Last year the city also played a significant role with Theresa (the city's Activity Director) coordinating meetings and activities on both days.

This was a discussion of what the council wants regarding the city's involvement in Heritage Days festival activities. The primary concern seemed to be the Lions had not contacted the city yet regarding this arrangement. My understanding was that there had been some coordination and I agreed look into it (I'm the president of the Dayton Lions).

Item G (Accessory Dwelling Unit)

Back in 2019 the council approved an ordinance that would allow one additional dwelling unit (another home) on a residential property if certain guidelines were met. There was some concern that they would pop up everywhere, though given the requirements I was pretty sure that wouldn't happen. This request would be the first one approved.

One of those requirements is that the owner gets an Interim Use Permit. There are 2 types of use permits; Interim (IUP) and conditional (CUP). Both add requirements to the property owner. The IUP expires when the property changes hand whereas the CUP is assigned to the property.

I am not a fan of IUPs because there is no guarantee the next property owner will be approved and getting a use permit approved is almost entirely based on the council's subjectivity (unless you have a lot of money to file suit). I didn't like the original ordinance requiring an IUP instead of a CUP but I voted for it because I believe the overall concept is a good one.

This item was approved 5-0 and the entire council agreed we should look at the ordinance and change it to a CUP in the near future.

Please contact me if you have any comments / questions about anything.