May 09, 2023 Council Meeting

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Item P (Park Improvements Update)

For those not familiar with the bid/project process as it works with government, the signing of a contract to build project X for Y dollars doesn't mean you'll get project X for Y dollars. It often means something unexpected comes up and an additional amount is added to Y. That's what is referred to as a "change order" and it almost always means Y will get bigger.

In the case of Stephen's Park, we hired a firm to build 2 pedestrian bridges across the ravine. The amount agreed to was approximately $240,000. In doing the preliminary work it was discovered that the soils in the ravine weren't as expected (or at least hoped for... it is a ravine after all). The resulting change order request was almost $330,000 extra. $86,000 for the north bridge and $244,000 for the south bridge. We were putting the south bridge in specifically for Three Rivers Park district, and they decided they weren't going to give us any extra money for it.

There were a lot more details discussed, but what it boils down to is the north bridge will have a price tag of $192,000 and the south $372,000. Even re-bidding the contract will likely result in approximately the same cost for the north bridge so we decided to go forward with it. The south however was too much to swallow for a pedestrian bridge (no matter how fancy).

More discussions will take place before any resolution is decided on the south bridge.

Item Q (Pressure Vessel Repair)

The old village pump house contains a pressurized 2,000 gallon tank which was put in around 2000. At this point it's got some maintenance needing to be done on it and the bill is going to be around $25,000.

Item R (Change order Stephen's Park)

This change order was easier to swallow. The bottom line is there was a significant pile of dirt having to be dealt with and the decision was to spread the dirt out rather than haul it off the property, resulting in about 2 acres of seeding needing to be done.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.