Jan 23rd, 2024 Council Meeting

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Current Events

  • If you or people in your area want to meet and discuss any topics on your mind, reach out to me and I will set up a time to visit.
  • If you hear something you're curious to know more about, feel free to contact me!
  • As you're driving on the river road by Stephen's park you'll notice construction on the south side of the road. That's the new central water system treatment facility. The goal is to get it online by the end of this year.
  • Many of you are familiar with the phrase "rural look and feel" or "rural character." Dayton residents have said this is important to them and I agree. It's even in our mission statement. Unfortunately our history over the past 15-20 years doesn't reflect it very well. We will soon have a work session on the topic and discuss what it means and what actions the city should take to get on board with it (assuming 3+ of the 5 agree). If you have ideas PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Item H (Spanier Concept Plan)

This is a property on 113th. The owner wants to put up a small industrial building and is in talks with staff about allowing a road through the property from 113th up to Dayton Parkway. Eventually 113th will need to be disconnected from where it connects to 81 and this would allow that to happen. This was more of a concept plan and most of the discussion centered around where the road should be. Everyone preferred the east side of the lot since that works better for traffic and the property owner.

Item I (Brayburn Trails East Final Plat)

For those not familiar with Brayburn Trails, it's a residential development started a few years ago on the south side of 117th. This adds another phase to it of 47 homes. Since this is a final plat there's not much to the item other than making sure they did what they agreed to in the preliminary plat. It was approved 5-0.

Item J (Riverview Villas Concept Plan)

The property is on Levee street in the Old Village on the east side. 10 or so years back the entire Old Village land use guidance was changed to Mixed Use. What that means is, new development needs to comply with the guidance (since it wasn't simply a replacement) and Mixed Use means commercial or medium density housing (i.e. townhomes). This is a fairly straight forward concept plan. Setbacks, alleyway, building exterior, and utilities were discussed.

Item K (Parkway Neighborhood)

The property is on the south corner of Dayton Parkway and 94. This was a second concept plan on a residential project that is very large. In the end it will provide 600+ high-end apartment / condo units varying from single bedroom to 4 bedroom. Much of the discussion was around emergency access and parking. The wetlands around it make a second access very difficult. The parking request is lower than what the city requires, but most of us (and the planning commission) believe our parking requirements are too high.

Item L (Generators)

City Hall/Fire Station 2 and Activity Center/Station 1 were budgeted to get backup power generators. We also received a grant to cover most of the cost. The bids came in and this was to approve that bid. The bid came in at $239K and the grant will pay $179k. The work should be complete Jan 2025. Granting the bid passed 5-0.

Item M (Treatment Plant Change Order)

Most change orders are irritating. Someone somewhere didn't account for something or the every present "bad soils" comes up. And due to the way government contractors / contracts work, unexpected stuff gets eaten by government. This change order was to put valves in that allow the treatment plant to be bypassed in the event there is significant maintenance being done on it. While it seems like a bypass should have been put in originally, the thinking was it would put the bids over what was budgeted and rather than go through another bid process, this was left out. Personally this might have been a good spot to use what are called "alternates" (what I call additions) but it wasn't done that way. The bid came in $400k under what was budgeted so we have this change order. The cost is $34k. It was approved 5-0.

As always feel free to contact me if you have questions / concerns.