May 25, 2022 Council Meeting Update

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Item G (Final Audit Presentation)

Every year an independent firm audits the city. And every year it's roughly the same...

  • Nothing out of order.
  • Not as much separation as they'd like to see between people handling finances (which happens to all small towns since the number of bodies is limited).
  • Our water fund doesn't have enough cash flow from usage billing to account for depreciation. This has been the case since it was built back in the mid 2000's. Our water pricing is (and has been) easily the highest in the area and it's still not enough. Right now the difference is handled by new house connection fees.
  • Our sewer fund has the same issue but that's slowly coming in line.

The one thing to keep in mind is the depreciation is extremely conservative so it's likely we're not in as bad a shape as the numbers indicate. We'll likely be looking at the funds this year.

Items HIJK (Plats, Agreements, easements, TIF)

Lots of procedural stuff having to do with Alro Steel and Graco in the industrial area between Brockton and West French Lake roads. Most (if not all) of these have been before the council a few times for adjustments, opinions, etc. These were basically approvals of previous agreements.

Item L (RFPs for city administrator position)

This was basically a discussion on options for going forward with a permanent administrator. We're not in a big hurry to get this finalized since we have a good temporary solution. At the last meeting we agreed to utilize a contracting service to handle large development projects. They are the same firm Corcoran uses, and given we believe development will slow down some, it seems like a good fit. The council agreed we'd utilize a firm to get us going on an administrator position definition and see where it goes from there. We will likely choose the firm at the next meeting.

Contact me for any details / opinions!