Oct 10, 2023 Council Meeting

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Not a lot of items for this meeting.

Item E (Planning Commission Opening)

This opening has been available for a couple of months. The first time we took applications, the majority of the council felt we needed to continue looking. What I've learned over the years is that a lot of good candidates for these commissions aren't aware of openings. The applications we received after leaving it open produced some good candidates.

Two candidates rose to the top for me. One didn't have a lot of applicable experience but she had been to a few planning meetings to discuss items and I believed she represented the views of a lot of residents.

The other was a candidate who is an engineer for the city of St. Michael. That city is very similar to Dayton in many aspects, and I believe getting those ideas incorporated into the meetings would be an asset. They aren't under the boot of the Met Council, but other aspects are very similar.

We ended up going with him. 4-0.

Item F (Developer's Agreement Amendment for MTL)

Escrow accounts are set up in agreements in case the developer isn't able to complete the utility portion of a project. Since that portion may be required for other projects to complete, the city would then have to take over and complete the task.

This was a minor amendment to a previously approved Developer's Agreement. Normally we require a LOC (Letter of Credit) for escrow accounts but in this case they wanted to go with a bond for the portion of the escrow the city would need to complete if a problem came up.

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