Oct 12, 2021 Council Meeting Update

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This was a very light agenda.

Item E (Connexus)

This was a presentation by Connexus on how they were setting up to handle the growth in Dayton. Connexus is one of 4 companies providing electricity to Dayton. The most important point I took from this is that they have purchased property and are planning on a distribution station on the east side of 117th, west of Fernbrook. Connexus currently serves Dayton out of 2 other stations.

Item F (Environment Impact Statement finding)

A 56 acre property just north of the Mobile Home Park is being proposed for development. As part of that process, an Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) was completed by the owner. The EAW is used to determine if there is a need for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). As part of that review, the city of Dayton has the responsibility to decide if an EIS is warranted to dig deeper into any environmental issues. In this case both staff and council unanimously agreed that information in the EAW along with the comments and responses with it did not warrant an EIS.

Item G (Mixed Use Discussion)

Mixed Use zoning is kind of what it sounds like. It's intended to be somewhat of a super set including a lot more uses than typical zoning.

The odd way (I believe anyway) government zoning works is, unless something is explicitly allowed, it's not allowed. So if someone has a use for their property that isn't allowed (like something that wasn't foreseen), they have to petition the city to make a change to the ordinance governing that zone. Most people would likely not push the issue.

This was a discussion on getting the council's input on what the city wants to allow for the properties south of the freeway. This would go into a draft proposal for the council to decide at a later date. Those properties form a triangle with the interchange going through the middle of the triangle. Given that the area is Ag land now and will have direct access to the interchange, questions have been coming up as to what we want allowed in that area. The list of uses is quite large but the bulk of the discussion (as it did with the Planning Commission) was whether to allow any sort of distribution (warehouses). My view is that for the outer corners we should allow it, but some on the council and planning commission don't want to allow it anywhere in that area.

No decision was made, but some allowances will be in the draft version we'll see later this year.

Item H (Land Use Amendment)

The mobile home park has decided to add roughly 16 acres of double lots to the immediate east of the current park. While they have a concept plan available, this was just to get an amendment to the comprehensive plan to allow that use. It passed unanimously.


As always, if you have ANY questions about anything, feel free to contact me.