Oct 26, 2021 Council Meeting

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This meeting was very light.

Item D (Water / Sewer Rates)

Periodically the city will go through and determine what our water and sewer rates should be by looking various factors such as usage, maintenance costs, and equipment costs. Between studies the rates are incremented by 3%, The last study was done in 2017 and it's likely we'll need to updated it in the next year or two.

While our water rates are fairly high when compared to cities around us, some of those cities charge a separate storm water fee.

It's likely our rates will remain higher until we get more houses to better distribute some of those costs.

Item E (3rd quarter report)

Not much here. This is basically a statement of what we budgeted for and where we're at with the budget as far as revenue and expenditures go. The only thing that stands out here is the confusion due to reporting 4 times a year even though the city receives taxes twice a year.


As always, if you have ANY questions about anything, feel free to contact me.